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Purple Cow.  What an interesting title.  Unfortunately, it’s not a book about how to make grape flavored milk, because that Book review of "Purple Cow" by Seth Godinwould be delicious.  Instead, a Purple Cow is unique take on something that hasn’t been seen before.  Seth Godin’s purple cow is a metaphor for choosing a niche for your business.

Sure, this book was written way back in 2003 when the concept of a niche was probably not as common as it is today.  The overarching point that Seth Godin makes in Purple Cow is what everyone finally figuring out in our present day.  Find a niche, find a hole in a product or service category, find a way to make an existing product or service better, then go with it.

“Me too” products and services aren’t successful, especially if they have marketing that doesn’t differentiate them from the competition.  Companies become successful with better products that the market needs.  The market will notice your purple cow product over your competitor’s brown cow product.

In the full title, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Godin introduces the very simple point.  Godin provides examples of how to transform your business throughout the book.

Best of all, the book is very easy to read. It’s only 135 pages, and Seth Godin’s writing style allows you to easily follow what he’s talking about.  There’s not any fluff in The Purple Cow.  So although it seems like the message is simple, there is actually quite a bit of great content to the book to fill up the 135 pages.

Verdict:  The Purple Cow is perfect for anyone who is struggling to come up with a product or service niche. It’s perfect for anyone who has a poor performing existing product or service and wants a new way to think about how to fix it. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to stimulate their brain to think about their business differently.  It’s not for someone who is hoping for the secret for grape flavored milk.